Get Any Property Ready for the Market

Home staging services in Amarillo, TX

If you’re a realtor or builder and want to put your home in the best light, count on Your Decor to stage the space.

Our home staging specialist has the skills and experience needed to make sure the property sounds a siren call to potential buyers.

Hire Your Decor for consultations or full home staging services. Our designer relies on years of experience to walk through the property and explain why some items need to be moved. We’ll even purchase select decorative items to support the design scheme.

When you need professional home staging services in the Amarillo area, turn to the decorator at Your Decor. Call 806-290-8032 to schedule an appointment.

Redesigning your space has never been easier

The home decorator at Your Decor is the person to call to professionally stage any home that’s going on the market. Besides home staging services, you can hire us to:

  • Organize your home
  • Declutter your office
  • Remodel your space
  • Redesign your property

Speak with home and office designer at Your Decor in Amarillo, TX today.

What Staging Services do we offer?

You select from these services...

  • One Hour Consultations - In just one hour, I will recommend changes that make your house sell faster! We will start with a quick tour of the house and then create a punch list of things to do beginning with the front porch and moving room to room thru the home.
  • De-cluttering/Packing/Organizing - We decide together which items to stage with and which ones to pack. Then, we professionally pack the items removed from your home and organize the remaining items.
  • Coordinating Updates and Repairs - After discussing your options, I help you coordinate the updates and/or repairs with the contractor. One of the best options available to showcase your home!
  • Redecorating - You will be amazed at how good your existing furnishings and accessories look in their new arrangement!
  • Making Optional Minor Purchases - I will offer suggestions for minor purchases, if necessary, that will make a BIG difference. Either of us can make the purchases and install them.
  • Professional Cleaning - We make sure your light fixtures, window coverings, bath fixtures, floors, etc. look brand new! Don’t leave this undone! People really do notice!

Heres what some of our clients had to say...

"I realized the house needed updating, but I figured the buyer would see the potential and give me my price, which was reduced to allow for updating. It was on the market for nearly a year and I received two firm offers, but for less money than I was willing to accept."

"I hired Melanie and she helped me updated the house. I spent $15,000 (including her consulting cost) to update it and put it back on the market."

"Within one week, I had a firm contract bringing $35,000 over the best price I had been offered before. I would say there is value in that!"

Mark Richards

Amarillo, Tx

"This new and exciting service offered by Your Decor helped me get rid of clutter and be even more productive. Melanie put me on a path to organization and productivity. Several months after the fact, it's still one of the best things I've ever done!"

David Terry

Executive Director at WTAMU Enterprise Center