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I was getting ready to have a party at my home and though we had tried to decorate ourselves, our new home of two years, was really lacking. A friend referred me to Melanie at “Your Décor.” It was about a couple of weeks until the party when I called, not giving them much time and I guess expecting a miracle. She came to our home to evaluate it within a couple of days and started to work immediately. She and I went shopping together one afternoon so she could get a feel for our taste. I had originally thought we would just work on a couple of rooms, but by the time we were done she had transformed the whole house.

My husband and I were in amazement when we got home with what she had done in the kitchen alone. We are so proud of our home and, as my husband says, she has really given the place a “warm” feeling!!! I DID get my miracle!

Dr. Richard and Pam Chandler, M.D.

Amarillo, Texas

I am so pleased with the results of my “home makeover!” Melanie has excellent taste and a good eye for bringing out the best in a home. She made the process easy and painless!

Dr. Tom Karr, DDS

Amarillo, Texas

I would like to make a recommendation to anyone who is trying to market a residential property that, like me, doesn’t have an in-depth understanding of the concepts of interior design that you consider hiring the services of Melanie Stewart, Interior Designer.

I had used her on a couple of houses that I had flipped and had pretty good success in bringing in top dollar, but it wasn’t until I used her in helping me sell my own house that I really realized her value. Let me explain.

During the majority of 2004 I had tried to market my 2700 square foot home in Sleepy Hollow. It was built in 1990 and had the latest design features at that time. I realized that it needed updating but I figured that the buyer would see the potential and give me my price which was reduced to allow for updating. I got 2 firm offers, but was not enough for me to accept. I took it off the market and decided to update it myself.

I hired Melanie again and she helped me with color coordinating the painting, so that each room would coordinate with the next, and with the carpet color, tile type and color. We did some retexturing and a couple of rooms in a fancier updated texture and finish. Then after spending about $15,000 I put it back on the market. The first day I held my own open house I had interest for one couple. By the following Friday I had a firm contract bringing $35,000 more than the 2 previous firm contract offers. I think I could have sold it for more, but I was ready to get out and find me something else. I credit Melanie’s design work, mainly color coordination that made the deal. That meant I spent $15,000 including her consulting cost and I got $35,000 premium over the best price I had been offered before. I would say there is value in that.

I also have used Melanie to help me with my current home’s interior design and I could not be happier with the way it has turned out.

I think Melanie is extremely professional, thorough and fair. I would recommend her highly for any interior design job.

Mark Richards

Amarillo, Texas


We have used Your Décor for numerous projects here at the Chase Tower and are extremely pleased with the outcome each time. They are wonderful to work with and meticulous about the work they do. I strongly recommend this company to handle any type of decorating jobs. If you want it done right with all the latest styles then you need to call Your Décor for your next project!!

Erica Gallegos, Property Manager

Amarillo, Texas

You and your team did a wonderful job in assisting us with our renovation. Thank you for being our local design team who worked with our national design team in bringing my vision of the Texas Panhandle to fruition.

Phyllis Payne, General Manager

Amarillo, Texas

Melanie and her assistants were very responsive to our desires and working within our budget. We told her what we were looking for in the design of our office and she worked with us hand-in-hand to achieve a very successful end product. Our office turned out to be very professional-looking and yet comfortable at the same time. It is exactly what we were aiming for. Melanie was a pleasure to work with. We would readily recommend her services to others.

Adair Buckner & Janis Alexander Cross

Amarillo, Texas

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